Wexma joins the Microsoft AI in Health Partner Alliance

Wexma will join the Microsoft AI in Health Partner Alliance, a group of partners focused on advancing health technology. This includes investments in resources for Wexma to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to pain management. Wexma will receive access to Microsoft AI technologies. As a start-up company, Wexma is looking for co-operation with corporations to advance pain management.

The goals of the Alliance are to drive broad public awareness of how AI can empower better clinical and operational outcomes and to help ensure everyone has the competencies and the tools they need to build intelligence into health solutions and bring them to market. Read more.



Wexma in Final of Digital Health Growth Competition

Wexma has been selected as a finalist of Finnish Digital Health "Kasvu open" growth competition. Kasvu Open is the largest project for sparring eager to grow companies with growth experts in Finland. Throughout the competition every eager to grow company has an opportunity to present own growth plan to a great number of ex perts free of charge. As a result, companies have a clarified growth plan, enlarged network of the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country.


Excellent Reviews for Wexma Pain Diary by Helsinki University Hospital

Wexma's pain management service received excellent reviews from patients and medical professionals. The service has been in use at three hospitals of Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) since summer 2015 and now the user satisfaction survey has been conducted first time.

Patients gave score 4,1 (of 5) using iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The analysis service earned good score 4,0 (of 5) from medical professionals, too. Moreover, 100% of patients were willing to take the service into use. The scoring received in this survey is globally very high for a new mobile service in health area. Users also gave us very valuable ideas how to develop the service further.


Wexma participating 5th EU Health Innovation event in the Brussels EBC

Wexma participating 5th EU Health Innovation event in the Brussels EBC where HUS virtual hospital concept was presented including Wexma's pain management services.